Production Process

          Mic Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We conduct business about the production of Air Condition Panel, Air Conditioner Parts, and Sheet Metal Press Parts according to customer needs which the production process consists of the following processes.

1.Programming Process

Programming Process

Programming Process is the process of we're created for the machine Instructions sets according to the model in a computer program according to the needs of customers to control NCT cutting machines by the engineer.

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2.NCT Process

NCT Process 

NCT Process is a sheet metal punching process. That controls the operation by computer system By designing the instruction set for NCT drilling machines with high accuracy And efficiency according to the standards and requirements of the quality inspection from the customer.

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3.Bending Process

Bending Process

Bending process is the process of bringing metal parts obtained from cutting and punching to bending according to the design to the standards and requirements of the customer.

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4.Welding Process

Welding Process

After bending finished the parts from the forming process will be taken into the spot welding process for bringing that component part assembly with jig welding , which jigs equipment for a component as fixing the position and dimension of parts, that parts will be welded together as designed. Before being removed from jig to step TIG; Tungsten Inert Gas or argon inert gas according to the standards and customer requirements.

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5.Coating Process

Coating Process

Coating Process We’re proud to offer a coat of parts, providing high-quality finishes that risk reduction of corrosion, fading, chipping, and scratches. The parts that have been welded. we will take into the painting process With the objective to anti-rust and create colors according to the customer's needs the painting process will consist of several processes, according to standards and customer requirements.

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6.Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Some model parts that are finished from other processes of both component parts and main parts they will be taken to the Assembly Line for the employees to bring all those parts into the conveyor belt by assembling in the step by step according to standards and customer requirements.

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7.Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All finished products have to pass the inspection from the quality assurance department (QA,) before sending to the next process for confidence and trust in the quality of products and services in accordance with standards and customer requirements.

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8.Packing And Delivery Process

Packing And Delivery Process

When passing the quality inspection from the quality control department the products will be delivered to the packing process for protecting the goods damage.

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